1a : a piece of cloth attached by one edge to a staff & used by a leader (such as a monarch or feudal lord) as a standard (see standard entry 1 sense 1)

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c : an ensign displaying a distinctive sầu or symbolic device or legend (see legkết thúc sense 2a) especially : one presented as an award of honor or distinction
4 : a name, khẩu hiệu, or goal associated with a particular group or ideology the new banner is "community control"— F. M. Hechinger —often used with under every new administration arrives … under the banner of change— John Cogley
5 or banner ad or banner advertisement : an advertisement graphic (see graphic entry 2 sense 2b) that runs usually across the top of a World Wide Web page
6 or banner petal : the upper, large, often lobed petal of a papilionaceous flower (as of a pea or bean plant) : standard sense 8a, vexillum sense 3 The uppermost petal is the largest, và, since it is something lượt thích a flag, is sometimes called the banner.— John Nelson — compare keel sense 2b, wing sense 2e(2)
2 journalism : lớn print (a news story) under a headline in large type usually on the front page News of the defeat was bannered in newspapers throughout the country.

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Synonyms: Noun

banderole pendant (also pendent) ,

Synonyms: Adjective

bonny (also bonnie) , boss , cool , dope , down , fantabulous , gangbusters gilt-edged gone , hype , marvelous number one out-of-sight , phat , primo , radical , righteous , topping , wizard ,

Antonyms: Adjective

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Noun A banner was hung over the street advertising the local theater production. Banners were carried by members of each group marching in the parade. Adjective sầu It was a banner year for the sales department. The team had a banner season last year.
Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Go the city’s trang web at olmstedfalls.org. và clichồng on the Memorial Day banner. — cleveland, 28 Aquảng cáo. 2022 Samsung scored a huge jump in first-quarter profits, though the South Korean tech giant warned that the banner results likely won’t extkết thúc inkhổng lồ the rest of 2022, Bloomberg reported Thursday. — Jacob Carpenter, Fortune, 28 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 2022 Women who quite literally rock also carry the Fender banner as the guitar maker has released models with the likes of H.E.R., Japanese Breakfast & Chrissie Hynde. — Michele Amabile Angermiller, Variety, 25 Aquảng cáo. 2022 New Era Entertainment, the North American distribution banner launched last year by European genre speciacác mục Devilworks, is moving inlớn film production and financing. — Alex Ritman, The Hollywood Reporter, 25 Aquảng cáo. 2022 Hollow platitudes by a founder about AI ethics will absolutely undercut the startup teams and turn the Ethical AI banner into a worthless flag absent of any substance (vày not poison the waters). — Lance Eliot, Forbes, 21 Aquảng cáo. 2022 Hip-Hop 50 banner, viewers get a look at rapper B Real’s pot business. — Melissa Ruggieri, USA TODAY, đôi mươi Aquảng cáo. 2022 The red banner with that hammer & sickle has reportedly been waved by pro-Russian fighters in the breakaway region of Luhansk and adorned the sides of Russian military vehicles motoring khổng lồ the front lines. — Washington Post, đôi mươi Aquảng cáo. 2022 The banner of Kings Hammer Soccer Club, one of the Midwest"s largest youth clubs, now flies in Tennessee. — Pat Brennan, The Enquirer, 19 Apr. 2022 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Thue noted that a licensing subcommittee had already voted in favor of granting The Pearl its license — and the commission decided that walk-in traffic & social truyền thông media were an acceptable substitute for a sign or banner out front. — Stefene Russell, The Salternative text Lake Tribune, 23 Feb. 2022 Lawrence will executive sầu produce under his Doozer Productions banner along with Jeff Ingold. — Joe Otterson, Variety, 13 Oct. 2021 Baông xã at Harry’s, half a dozen Proud Boys marched with a white Blachồng Lives Matter banner down 11th Street toward the churning crowd. — Washington Post, 14 Dec. 20đôi mươi Yes, there will be ads in the apps, và banner ads as well, but in a briefing, Google declined lớn state what type of companies will be advertising on the platsize or khổng lồ even cite sản phẩm categories. — Jefferson Grasay mê, USA TODAY, 31 Aug. 2020 Suspects surface: Why not the nearest neighbor, Trump sign bannering his yard, who once groped Jacy and hopes khổng lồ buy Lincoln’s property? — Mameve sầu Medwed, BostonGlobe.com, 25 July 2019 Before a cheering crowd of Cuban-Americans in Miami last June, Trump bannered his harder line on Cucha. — Anthony Faiola, Washington Post, 11 May 2018 Class 6A state champion Pope banners the page đầu after defeating No. — Craig Sager Jr., ajc, 6 June 2017 Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective Investment banking still holds appeal, especially after a banner fourth quarter. — Rochelle Toplensky, WSJ, 3 Mar. 20trăng tròn The ’70s weren’t exactly banner days for newsroom diversity. — Heidi Stevens, chicagotribune.com, 18 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 2018 See More

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First Known Use of banner


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1807, in the meaning defined at sense 1


1840, in the meaning defined at sense 1

History & Etymology for banner


Middle English baner, banere, borrowed from Anglo-French baner, banere, baniere (also continental Old French), probably from ban "summon lớn arms by a king or lord" + -iere -er entry 2 — more at ban entry 2

Note: The assumption behind this etymology is that the word may have originally denoted the place where the men called to arms assembled, then the flag or pennant that marked that place. The alternative sầu hypothesis that sees it as ultimately deriving from Gothic bandwa "sign" (see band entry 3) seems less likely. For the relation between this word và Old Occitan bandiera, see the etymology & note at banderole.


derivative sầu of banner entry 1


from attributive use of banner entry 1

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The first known use of banner was in the 13th century

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