Run away searching for a good sound, we had stuông chồng on another gadget, Sennheiser MX-170 earphone. Here is the complete review for our viewers. Sennheiser MX-170 portable earphones are ready lớn deliver powerful beat for each và every node of the music. It makes the user feel awesome. Sennheiser provides a perfect pair of earphones, which looks like old, but works lượt thích ‘old is gold’. The sounds are stunning & crystal-clear. The user feels comfort as well as easy-to-use. Now let’s go through…

Inside the box:

MX 170 earphoneA pair of EarpadsDocumentation


Technical Specifications

Speaker Type – Dynamic Bass DriversImpedance – 32 ohmsConnector – 3.5milimet stereo mini plugFrequency Response – 22 Hz – 20000HzSound Pressure Level – (SPL) 109 dB(1kHz, 1Vrms)Cable – 1.2 m Symmetric CableWeight – 6 g


Sennheiser holds a good focus on the beauty of their products. The MX 170 also shows off a damn thiết kế. This one looks like ordinary but feels like a premium. It fits the ear perfectly. It is crafted in plastic and has a great build quality. Even though this thiết kế doesn’t include the playbaông xã console & mic. Here it’s clear that it’s crafted for Music-only. MX 170 looks good, feels good & even more professional.

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MX 170 is a perfect pair of earphones that suits the ears. It is designed for a casual user but looks lượt thích a premium. The earphones are more appreciable for its style. Design wise also, it’s a blue moon.

Build quality


Sennheiser is taking their users through the build chất lượng of their products. The follow-ups in Sennheiser MX 170 as well. The material used is plastic and so it’s more durable. It hasn’t shown any harm effects since for us. The 1.2 m wire also has durability. Even though it is not suitable for rough use. Handle with care is needed. The earphone has L và R badging on their sides and Sennheiser badging on the face. Very durable, long lasting product!

Performance and Experience


Our team used this earphone since one week & it feels awesome. It spreads a massive listening experience over music & gaming. MX 170 comes with Dynamic Bass Drivers which boosts up the sound and reproduces the beats of every node. It’s much louder, but crystal-clear sound. Very high noise reduction, we think it’s NOT NOISY. It’s specifically designed for Bass Lovers & though it doesn’t affect the users harmfully, very comfort. It will make the users get away from the surroundings unless it is away from the ears.

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The sound unique is very impressive. As the công nghệ used in this earphone is as same as an over the ear studio tai nghe users, it gives a perfect and unique output khổng lồ the users. It has an ambient sound sensitivity, which reproduces the đầu vào to an amplified output. This will create a virtual surrounding, even if they are stereo earphones.

The MX 170 has a good build unique unless the wires. Talking more about the sound, Sennheiser made this earphone for feeling the beats. It performs lượt thích a royal one. It makes the user feel the beats amazingly. The Bass-Treble reproduction is also appreciable.

Pros và Cons


Stylish DesignEasy to lớn useCrystal-Clear SoundSound balance is vibrant


Features are lessNo microphoneShort length cableHandling rough may cause damage

Final thoughts

Avoiding the small problems lượt thích a console, the Sennheiser MX-170 is awesome earphone for its price và performance. It benefits the buyer’s money. In India, it costs Rs.675 và also available at Online Markets lượt thích Amazone India. Sennheiser provides two years of replacement warranty for this product even they are purchased through online. So no worries, just walk through nearest Sennheiser Service Store & get it well soon. At last, not the least, Sennheiser MX 170 is a perfect partner for music lovers. Who aren’t ready for a BOOM? Buy it, Feel The Beat!