Hai Phong Nightlife - The must-try experience during your trip 

As being Vietnam"s 3rd largest đô thị, Hai Phong has attracted many tourists for its incredible landscapes and coastal beaches.

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Besides, nightlife activities in Hai Phong are something appealing for travelers lớn explore. Hai Phong nightlife basically involves life on the sea. Here is the coastal city in which you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment and leisure activities & never sleeps. Moreover, you can find amazing options for discos, nightclubs, bars, pubs, food stalls, restaurants, karaoke joints, etc in many corners. Along with many choices for relaxing, live sầu music scenes are more popular và active after that. 

Perhaps Hai Phong thành phố might not be as congested as other các buổi party cities in Vietnam yet guaranteeing that you’ll have the finest nightlife ever. Despite the fact that most businesses cchiến bại very soon, some interesting hanging-out places are staying open after midnight. Tourists had better ask the tour operators or hotel receptionists where you’re staying for those spots to lớn hang out. Their suggestions may lead lớn the nearest place for a great night out. Here are also our recommendations of nightlife in Hai Phong for your memorable trip here. Hoping that you’ll have a great time with your friends. 

The best nightclubs & bars in Hai Phong

Hoang Gia Disco (King Disco)

Lying at the best nightclubs in Hai Phong, Hoang Gia Disteo (literally King Disco) is one of them. King Disteo is a famous hanging-out spot that carries many components such as modern, fresh and active. It promises to lớn be a fascinating gathering-place for youngsters & new experiences seekers, with the appearance of the top DJs. With its luxurious light systems combined with contemporary furniture spaces, King Disco is proud of being the best entertainment paradise. This place is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá stress-releasing & gathering place for both locals và tourists as well. 

Hoang Gia Disteo - Hai Phong City

With the lavish space and great services, Hoang Gia Disteo has gradually proved as the top bar in Vietnam and a legendary nightclub in Hai Phong city. Coming here, you can enjoy an exciting atmosphere with live music & drinking and explore fun Hai Phong nightlife completely. 

Address: No. 53 Lach Tray, Hai Phong 

Opening hours: 20:00 - 00:00 

Fleur d"Or Maison Bar 

As one of the top nightclubs, Fleur d’Or Maison Bar is an entertainment center that attracts many people for relaxing. This bar is always proud of being one of the night hotspots in the center of Hai Phong. It features lavish & state-of-the-art facilities, along with professional staff, satisfying travelers of all tastes. 


The bar’s basement includes a shisha counter và lounge with a wide range of imported wines and drinks. You can have a chance khổng lồ enjoy the cocktails and drinks made by skillful and professional bartenders. That would satisfy all guests’ tastes. There is an explosion space for you to lớn enjoy lively music and a series of hectic remix records. Furthermore, the sound and light system of Maison Bar is continuously ungraded and enhances its service quality. That will be an amazing Hai Phong nightlife experience that you are hard lớn forget during the trip.


Opening hours: 11:00 - 00:00

Fantasy Beer Club 

Fantasy Beer Club makes a great impression on guests’ minds with airy spaces và properly-arranged facilities. The club has 4 different zones for meeting the guests including A near DJ area, B cthảm bại khổng lồ the gate, C is in front of the club và D for V.I.Phường guests, with 3 large rooms. 


Besides, you’ll have sầu a chance to enjoy excellent và diverse dishes from European - Asian cuisines lớn specialties of 3 areas along with Vietphái nam. Drinks here are also various with many sorts of wine, soft drinks, beer & etc. With the reasonable price and professional staff, you probably feel satisfied when visiting Fantasy Beer Club, one of the top nightclubs in Hai Phong. In the daytime, the club operates as a normal restaurant while at night it turns inlớn a hectic and lively nightclub. The club serves food for breakfast, lunch and dinner offering rice & hotpot for office workers. It especially offers a lively atmosphere for guests lớn enjoy and relax with live sầu music and drinks.

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So Fantasy Club will be an amazing place for tourists to lớn experience Hai Phong nightlife during their trip. 

Address: No. 64 Dien Bien Phu, Hai Phong 

Opening hours: 7:00 - 00:00 

New MDM Club H3

With an ayên ổn of being the best hotspot at night in Asia, New MDM Club has gradually affirmed its position. This top club in Hai Phong showcases a development of nightlife experiences through the collaboration of talented musicians and luxurious fashion shows under a roof. 

New MDM Club uses the sound và light systems, integrated with advanced technologies, and designed by FGB. Different layers of artfully-carved vignette help lớn make MDM’s luxurious space stand out. Ideally-located on Le Hong Phong street, this best club is a perfect place for those who are party-lovers and new experience-seekers. 

With its state-of-the-art thiết kế và momentous performances, this nightlife club promises to lớn bring lavish & interesting experiences for you. Therefore, it has become one of the best nightclubs in Hai Phong for most locals and tourists. That will show you how to experience Hai Phong nightlife activities in your journey. 

Address: No. 01, Bloông xã 26A, Le Hong Phong street, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong 

Opening hours: 21:00 - 01:00 

Peerage Bar H3

One of the best bars in Hai Phong recommended for you is Peerage Bar inspiring your feelings for night parties. When night comes, finding yourself a place to lớn relax in a lively atmosphere might be your unforgettable experience. The sumptuous space, a qualified sound and light system và caring staff are something that you’re looking for here. Perhaps saying that coming to Hai Phong without indulging in some nightclubs will be a miss for your trip. 

Besides great spaces for guests to lớn enjoy, drinks here are another bonus point for Peerage Bar. It serves a wide range of drinks including mocktails, cocktails, beer & other drinks at reasonable prices. Moreover, professional & caring staff also makes a great impression on guests’ minds. Passing by Peerage Bar, you’ll have an opportunity to lớn enjoy an interesting Hai Phong nightlife in a complete way. 

Address: No. 75 Luong Khanh hao Thien, Hai Phong

Opening hours: 20:00 - 01:00

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/75uongkhanhthien/

Play House Bar H3

Play House Bar, one of the best nightclubs in Hai Phong, has an airy và glorious space. Visiting this top bar, your stresses of daily life seem khổng lồ be eased. Furthermore, the eđến & light system of Play House is a notable feature, making it look more sparkling và outstanding. Play House Bar is not only a place for enjoying the nightlife in Hai Phong but a great spot for making nice friends. 

Immersing in a vigorous space of music & qualified led systems allows you to lớn feel a true Hai Phong nightlife. Enjoying lively music with sparkling lights will bring you many memorable experiences on your Hai Phong trip. Furthermore, another bonus point here is the reasonable price và excellent services. Visiting the bar to lớn relax và chill-out after a long day of traveling or working is a great experience for both locals và tourists. 

Address: No. 12 Ho Sen

Opening hours: 20:00 - 01:00

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/12hosenhaiphong/

Lucky Pub H3

The last place in our suggestion for travelers lớn enjoy a real Hai Phong nightlife is Lucky Pub. If someone asks me what I am doing to lớn ease daily stresses, finding a fun and interesting pub và enjoying an excellent drink is my choice. Stepping into Lucky Pub and taking a deep breath, your stresses và anxieties probably will be deleted completely. The off-the-hook music space created by talented DJs, together with dynamic and explosive sầu spaces makes you feel overwhelmed. 

Additionally, you’ll have sầu a chance lớn see “sexy & hot” performances of skillful dancers. As one of the top nightclubs in Hai Phong, Lucky Pub always makes the guests feel complete. Choosing for yourself a great seat at Lucky Pub with a perfect cocktail on your hands will be the most exciting experience that you’ve sầu had. 

Address: No. 31 - 32 Tam Bac

Opening hours: 20:00 - 01:00

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/LuckyPub79/

Which entertainment paradises do you prefer for your trip to lớn Hai Phong city? With the concentration of many nightclubs & bars, you can enjoy Hai Phong nightlife with amazing activities in a complete way. Choosing for yourself a great place khổng lồ chill out until midnight will definitely be an unforgettable memory for your journey. Possibly the suggestions above are useful for your trip. If you have anything to lớn nói qua with us, please feel không lấy phí to contact us now!