Was recommended this location by many expats living in the area. Treated myself during my travels... read more


Concept Coiffure is a lovely salon tóc located in AnPhu (D2). Sandrine, the owner, & her staff have made this place look so comfortable và welcoming! There is nothing comparable in the rest of the đô thị.

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She is the master of coloring! She will make your hair look natural và healthy color after color (she has been working on my hair for more than two years now và i love sầu my new color!).I know it is pretty hard khổng lồ find a good hairdresser in Saigon (especially for blonds like me) so i recommover it lớn you all !


Dear Guest,Thank you for your kind words! The color service made for a total look change or just khổng lồ add light reflections, a bleaching or highlights service or gray hair coverage treatments are difficult choices to lớn make needing the advice and dedicated work of an expert.Caring for your hair is important lớn Concept Coiffure guests because hair care has an impact on your overall sense of well-being. Concept Coiffure’s colours can be classic & modern, bold yet not provocative, aspirational without being inaccessible.We hope khổng lồ see you soon again!With artistic regards, Team Concept Coiffure, SandrineCONCEPT COIFFURE48 Trần Ngọc DiệnThảo Điền, Quận 2Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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Visited this salon làm tóc after a disasterous hair colour and cut somewhere else on my bleach blond hair...and they completed sorted me out. Run by a wonderful english speaking young woman, who used to lớn live sầu in France, & so does actually understand how lớn bleach hair without turning it yellow và also how khổng lồ use toner.Lovely decor, great head mát xa at the sink, great team working on your hair & looking after you, great decor and atmosphere.Cannot recommend more highly.

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Dear Guest,We are really happy we could be of assistance và thank you for the glowing review!Concept Coiffure brings to life an exciting new interactive concept. Visit a highly personalized và intuitive service, "Can I Help You?"; for professional beauty advice from experts who will guide you to lớn your dream hair color, ikhuyến mãi skin care regimen, beautiful styling looks, hair care recommendations and a range of face, eyes, lips & nails products right for your coloring and complexion. We are here lớn assist you and hope khổng lồ see you again soon!With artistic regards, Team Concept Coiffure, SandrineCONCEPT COIFFURE48 Trần Ngọc DiệnThảo Điền, Quận 2Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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I LOVE that place! The environment is great! It s a kind of conceptual design Salon! Modern style, good music, everything looks fashionable there! It s a perfect place for a transform glam session! So glad, I finally find the place in HCMC where I m completely confident about my hair caring. I m usually very picky on that. Specially on color and treatments. I have experimented 2 different hairdresser there, well I should say : Stycác mục and colorist. They are both good! I heard that the owner Sandrine is a specialist on coloring. I can confirm now. it was natural, with still a little contrast that gives a beautiful shape on the light. I m also impress about the cut và shape that they created. I just had a vague idea about the style I wanted, so they advice me and suggested ideas to lớn suit my style và my figure (my face, height, color skin..) . They made a treatment for my dry hair, it feels amazing how they nourished it. And if you have a hair volume problem, ask for the volume powder, it s magical. I didn t know this kind of sản phẩm existed! The salon has a beauty part as well. They provide massage ( you can choose from 4 different oil) , facial, waxing!When I wait for the color fixing on my hair, I just make the manicure (really nice nails design) và pedicure in a relax sofa (with individual music headphone, love it!)The staffs are nice, và the stylists look passionate about what they are doing. It s quite enjoyable to lớn see that. Oh yes, there is a kid hair salon tóc part! Looks fun for them! I even saw máy tính bảng ipad that they can play games during the hair cut! On the backyard , we can see a swimming pool, I heard that there will be aqua thể hình with water biking! Can t wait to see it! So I would recommkết thúc it: Nice place, good service, it s clean & friendly.