Canon is a Japanese manufacturer of high-tech products, which include cameras, printers, photocopiers, etc. The company appeared in 1937, và now it is headquartered in Ota, Tokyo.

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Meaning & history


The visual identity of a famous brand today is based on the earlier version of the logo, introduced by Canon in 1935, và it was the third emblem of the company, which was founded under the name Kwanon.

1934 — 1937


The very first biểu tượng logo for the Japanese company was introduced in 1934 và featured a circular badge with a Buddhist god image in the middle & two inscriptions mix around it: the “Camera” in all capitals, arched above sầu the emblem and executed in a bold stylized typeface resembling the Japanese hieroglyphs, & the name of the brand, “Kwanon” written under the circular frame with its letter lines drawn & flames.

1934 — 1945


Later in the same year, the second version of the hình ảnh was created. This was a more traditional emblem with a script written logotype, where the tail of the last letter “N” was elongated & curved up và left. Above sầu the first stylized “K” there was a smooth curved line arched lớn the top. The biểu tượng logo was executed in a monochrome color palette.

1935 — 1953


With the change of the company’s name khổng lồ Canon in 1935, the new logo was designed. A lightweight inscription in a custom recognizable typeface was written in a title case with its letters in thin lines with modern shapes. The monochrome palette made the logotype look stylish and confident and its wide contours & a fancy letter “A”, inclined lớn the left, made the whole minimadanh sách image remarkable and exclusive.

1953 — 1956


The lines of the logotype were thickened & refined in 1953x this was when the first letter of the nameplate, “C”, gained its upper part elongated và sharpened, which added strength khổng lồ the brand’s visual identity. The contours of both “N” were narrowed, and it gave more space for the chất lượng “A”. The color palette of the logo was still black và white.

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1956 — Today


The Canon emblem we all know today was adopted by the brand in the middle of the 1950s & stays unchanged since then. The bold và chic logotype is available in two color variations, with red và white as the primary option & monochrome as the secondary one.

The Canon biểu tượng logo is based on the two previous versions but executed in bolder lines, which makes the whole image more stable và powerful. The tails of all letters are elongated and sharpened, standing for movement and progress, và the letter “O” has its inner White space slightly inclined to lớn the left, making a parallel with the vertical bar of the “A”, balancing it và creating an artsy & cool mood.

When was the current symbol introduced?


From the point of view of the shape, the Canon logo sản phẩm has stayed the same since 1955. Moreover, the 1955 version was nothing but a modified variant of the wordmark created in 1935 by a graphic designer specializing in advertising. The most distinctive sầu glyph was the “C” with the top kết thúc curved inward và a sharp element on its kết thúc.



The current Canon logo is just the company name. The designer chose the red color. This is just another example of the effectiveness of the typographic approach in nhãn hiệu thiết kế.



The red color symbolizes responsibility, laboriousness, purposefulness, energy, and determination.



The biểu tượng logo is written in its signature typerface. The exclusive biệu tượng công ty font was introduced by a graphic designer – Gio Fuga.