Here"s everything you need to lớn future-proof your workout, even if you"re doing it in your living room


Keeping fit & healthy, both physically & mentally, has never been more of a paramount concern than as the Coronavi khuẩn pandemic rages on.

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In spring 20trăng tròn, the majority of us were relegated to our homes to work (và play) after the government enforced its first phối of lockdown restrictions. The guidelines stated that people should stay at home page where possible and only leave sầu for activities such as shop for basic necessities, going to lớn work if you can’t vì chưng so from trang chính, meeting a support or childcare bubble và exercise once a day as gyms và leisure centres closed their doors.

As result, we took khổng lồ transforming our living rooms & bedrooms into our very own at-home page gyms, complete with skipping ropes, yoga matts & dumbbells. Last year, the E-commerce Times reported that sales of dumbbells during the 2020 lockdown period increased by 1,980 per cent compared to lớn March & April in 2019 on eBay, respectively.

As months of lockdown restrictions continued, people have sầu used virtual workouts, courtesy of fitness companies such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Psycle, FRAME và Kobox, to fill their spare time & find a new work/life balance. Pret trips for afternoon coffees and post-office runs have been replaced with HIIT sessions, pilates & meditation apps. Research from Mintel states that 80% of all online adults took some sort of exercise during the Covid-19 restrictions of the spring and summer last year, with 74% of those aged 16-24 exercising at trang chính.


Others dusted off their bikes và dug out their running trainers khổng lồ head outside for fresh air. During 2020, Strava’s community grew by about two million new athletes each month, with more than 1.1 billion activities being uploaded lớn the platkhung in the last 12 months. Amid the chaos of the health crisis, the love sầu of fitness & wellbeing prevailed.

With gyms and leisure centres finally open many of us are now left contemplating when (if at all) we"ll head baông chồng to lớn the gym and if we vì, how we"ll take the lessons we"ve learnt over the last year baông xã into the studio. As a result, we’ve rounded up the workouts and fitness trends you can look forward lớn sweating, and smiling, your way through lớn ensure your mind & body toàn thân are in top condition.

Here are the biggest fitness trends for 2021:

Walk the walk

While at-home workouts might have seen a growth in popularity, so has walking & hiking in the great outdoors.

For many of us, weekends without social plans resulted in daily (if not twice daily) walks around our local areas, whether it involved a socially distanced catch-up with a friover in the park or a lengthier, backpack-accessorised ramble through the countryside.

According lớn Mintel’s research, nearly a quarter (24%) of 16-24s are now ramblers, rising from 16% in 2018. And Strava notes that walking became a top new activity for cyclists on the platkhung between April và June last year, resulting in uploads of outdoor walks increasing by a third overall in 20đôi mươi.


It’s unsurprising seeing as walking outside is one of the best ways khổng lồ enjoy low-impact fitness in nature & escape the mundane 9-5 trang chủ office, while also giving your mental health a boost.

‘As well as people just realising that walking is a healthy và fun activity which lets them see much more of an area, including its history - there"s a sense of wanting adventure,’ a spokesperson from the Long Distance Walkers Association (LWDA) tells UK. "We"ve noticed more people thinking about challenges such as walking routes such as the Pennine Way và camping along the way, which offers an exciting burst of adventure & freedom.’


With outdoor exercise a must during lockdown, expect lớn see more photos on social truyền thông media of friends donning their winter thermals and heading out for brisk walks in 2021.

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Here is the National Trust’s list of the best 100 walks khổng lồ bởi vì in Britain và the LDWA’s annual 100-mile event information.

Eye Yoga

While công nghệ has largely been our frikết thúc in lockdown (hello, Netflix & Zoom!) it’s also resulted in many of us spending far too much time stuchồng in front of screens, both large and small.

A survey by the College of Optometrists last year found that one in five adults believe their eyesight has deteriorated during lockdown, with one in three blaming spending too much time in front of screens. Meanwhile, Central Vision Opticians notes that symptoms of eyestrain, headaches, loss of focus, dry irritated eyes và neck and shoulder pain are all symptoms that have seemingly increased since the start of Covid-19 và lockdown.

While there’s no evidence to lớn suggest increased screen time damages vision in the long-term, some people might find it tiring khổng lồ stare at a monitor for hours on over every day. ‘We know more people are working from trang chính at the moment, and this might have sầu an impact on your vision too. Make sure you take regular breaks from your computer screen và that you have sầu good lighting or sit near a window for natural light, all of these things will make a big difference to your eye health,’ advises Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom, Clinical Adviser for The College of Optometrists.


So, after months of working at home, expect lớn see more people taking care of their eyesight by taking part in eye yoga – gentle movements to move và gently mát xa the eyes & surrounding areas. It"s even something Sir Paul McCartney raved about on Jessie và Lenny Ware"s Table Manners podcast earlier this year and attributed to his sharp eyesight.

"So, head still, and then you look up as far as you can, one, two, three, go baông chồng to the middle, then down, one, two, three, then back to the middle," he told listeners. "You vì chưng three lots of that, then go lớn the left & the right. Now you’ve sầu got a cross, up và down, & sideways, now you vì chưng the diagonals."

FaceGym offers one-to-one online workouts that not only help lớn sculpt, lift và tone the face but also tackle facial tension in the jaw, neông chồng, head and eyes. The company also offers a pre-work face workout at 8am every day to help prepare you for working from home.

‘Eye Yoga sounds crazy but it’s as obvious as FaceGym - your eyes, like your face và your toàn thân have muscles and muscles no matter where in your toàn thân vì need to lớn be exercised. Although Eye Yoga has been around for some time, it’s really being talked about as we head into 2021,’ says Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym.

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To reduce muscle tension around the eyes, Theron suggests: ‘The simplest technique is to look up, look sideways left and right và downwards & repeat each exercise 10 times. Once you master that squint & release is great too for working the orbicularis!’

Above sầu all, Tanya Goodin, founder of digital wellbeing movement Time To Log Off & author of Off, warns that we should all take care of our health - be it the mind và toàn thân - as we navigate another tech-filled year in the pandemic.

‘2021 will be the year of digital wellbeing because we’re all completely Zoomed-out from so much screen-time last year,’ she says adding. "This year, we have sầu khổng lồ figure out how to continue lớn use screens for connection & work, but also how lớn cut down on the time-wasting doomscrolling, which dominated so much of 20trăng tròn.’

Powerful Pilates và yoga

The silver lining of lockdown saw many of us slow down our mind and movements as we spent more time indoors with our immediate bubbles. Nights out at the pub và intense spin classes on a Saturday morning were replaced by evenings with a trang chủ cooked meal & stretching our calf muscles atop the kitchen counter.

So, it’s not surprising that low-intensity steady-state (LISS) activities like yoga & Pilates rose in popularity, especially with more people becoming conscious of the need to look after their mental & physical wellbeing, slow down and stay mindful of their posture & alignment as many of continue lớn work from trang chính.

A study carried out by Nuffield Health last year found that 76% of fitness lovers in Great Britain took up a new form of exercise during lockdown, with yoga ranking as the third most popular activity after walking và jogging.