What are the differences as far as restrictions that can be applied to lớn a DEPhường vs non-DEPhường device?

The main reason I see for enrolling them in DEP. would be to vì chưng deployments khổng lồ a non user tied device.

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Without DEPhường, a user would have khổng lồ sign in with their apple ID to tải về the intune portal khổng lồ then sign in and get the configuration/applications.

With DEP, that can be pushed as the device is already "enrolled"?

Am I understanding that correctly?


The biggest thing for me was that devices are in Apple Business Manager ( DEP was the old wording) is that if the device is wiped then the device is still locked into lớn ABM và then intune. The device cannot be locked lớn an Apple ID so it cannot be wiped và taken by the user.

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I'd highly recommkết thúc reading https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/enrollment/device-enrollment-program-enroll-quả táo Specifically https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/enrollment/device-enrollment-program-enroll-ios#what-is-supervised-mode To determine what màn chơi of control you need, as once the devices are mix up, if you didn't make them supervised managed devices at the start a factory reset would be required to lớn get full management control after the fact.

DEP fundamentally changes the device from a user centric management Model lớn an organisational one. If the devices are owned by an organisation you very much want them in DEP.. IMHO for the capability set you have sầu as an admin over a "Supervised" device compared to an "Unsupervised One". You only need a few devices put inkhổng lồ activation loông chồng for the benefits to lớn be realised.

A good overview - https://blog.scalefusion.com/ios-supervised-vs-unsupervised-benefits-of-supervising-ios-devices/

"iOS supervision gives companies control over company-owned devices, which is a prerequisite to manage them further. Without supervision, functionalities lượt thích Factory Rephối, Airdrop Sharing, iBooks, Find my iPhone & iMessage cannot be managed within an Apple device. Other important settings like Công nghệ Bluetooth & GPS for example, can be overridden by the end-user.In simple words, this means that the admins cannot enforce company policies on unsupervised iPhones. An admin can opt for an intuitive sầu MDM tool & push policies & restrictions on iPhones and iPads, but the end-user will continue to have sầu the option to lớn exit, override or even totally erase the policies."