If you’ve found yourself in the pearl of the far East, known by the locals as Saigon, & khổng lồ us Westerners as Ho Chi Minh City, work is probably the last thing on your mind.

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The blessing of a digital nomad lifestyle is its curse too. You see many beautiful places và experience different cultures, but you can never vị it freely—there’s always the weight of the work that must be done pushing on your shoulders.

There’s room for argument there—is there a better way to experience another culture than lớn go through your regular daily routine surrounded by unknown cultural beauties và pitfalls? It is not always easy, and that’s why we—the digital nomads—must take the necessary steps to make sure we stay productive even when the scatterbrain in us is threatening to take over.

One of the best ways khổng lồ achieve sầu that is through the use of coworking spaces. My experience has taught me that productive sầu surroundings equal a productive mind. Unfortunately, we encounter another difficulty here—in a đô thị like Ho Chi Minc that’s overflowing with coworking spaces, how to decide which one lớn choose?

Don’t worry—it’s our job to lớn make it easier for you. Here are the six gems of Ho Chi Minh’s coworking spaces.

CirCO is our absolute favorite place khổng lồ cowork in Ho Chi Minh


Source: CirCO

CirCO is happily situated in the very center of the thành phố. You can find it right across the bridge between District 4 & District 1. It’s only a two minutes’ ride from Psay đắm Ngu Lao, Bui Vien, & Ben Tkhô cứng Market.

It is one of the longest-lasting coworking spaces in Ho Chi Minh, which means that it has a svào community of loyal visitors. It is considered a high-protệp tin place, so it has a reputation to lớn maintain—it invests a lot into lớn top-of-the-line facilities & the aesthetic appeal of the premises. CirCO prides itself on providing a space wh ere ideas are shared easily & in a pleasant environment. They host a plethora of events—social and business—to lớn encourage this type of interaction.

When it comes lớn more practical matters, they provide plenty of benefits to lớn consider. Some of them are fast mạng internet, không tính tiền refreshments, spacious workspaces, meeting rooms, and printer stations. The lighting systems imitate natural light, so they’re great for working, và there are soundproofed private offices for people who have sầu difficulties concentrating.

Those who like lớn stay in shape will appreciate the discount that CirCO members get in the gym located in the same building. The thể hình is luxurious and well-equipped, so it’s a great place to work out after you’re done with work.

PricingPer day: VND 150,000Per week: VND 500,000Per month: VND 1,800,000
High-Speed InternetYes
mở cửa HoursMonday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm
Comfortable ChairsYes
Standing DeskYes
Dedicated DesksYes
Conference RoomsYes
Private OfficesYes
Phone BoothsYes

Other five sầu coworking spaces we enjoyed immensely

If CirCO doesn’t fit in with your plans, here are other great options in Ho Chi Minch.

The HiveDreamplexSpicedSaigon CoworkingToong

The Hive


Source: The Hive

Located in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, The Hive boasts a vast network of locations throughout Asia. If you become a member, you get a “Hive Passport,” which lets you use each và every one of their locations—Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, take your pick!

They organize events such as the weekly Thursday Social to lớn promote the communal spirit that they greatly cherish. The Hive allows you khổng lồ meet plenty of people in your area of business and form meaningful business connections. They organize workshops, lunches, and drinks for the members, and they have sầu a Facebook group.

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When it comes to lớn technicalities, the Hive sầu provides plenty of attractive little somethings. For example, they provide standing desks and ergonomic chairs, so the place is quite comfortable khổng lồ work in.

They have printing equipment, Skype rooms, personal lockers, and more. Best of all—there is không lấy phí coffee! There is also a barista who can whip you up something fancier if you want, but for that, you’ll have to pay extra.

mở cửa hoursMonday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
PricePer dayVND 210,000
Per weekVND 880,000
Per monthVND 2,500,000
Per yearVND 2,250,000/month



Source: Dreamplex

Dreamplex has three locations in the city—Nguyen Trung Ngan Street, Dien Binh Phu Street, & Binch Thanh khô District—and it is an undeniably pretty coworking space. In an effort to make their space different from the others, they incorporate murals in their aesthetics to lớn enhance the happy feeling you get when you enter the space.

Dreamplex has an auditorium as well—và Barachồng Obama spoke there in May năm 2016. This coworking space also regularly hosts TEDx talks.

They provide miễn phí beer for visitors, as well as coffee and tea. There are bean bags, printing equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi, personal lockers, and many more attractive amenities. They also provide a room where you can nap when you get tired from work and want a fresh start.

Open hoursMonday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pmSaturday: 9 am – 5 pm
PricePer weekVND 600,000
Per monthVND 2,000,000


Source: Spiced

Spiced is a coworking và coliving space, located in District 1. It is dedicated to improving & teaching startups & entrepreneurs as well as connecting the tech community in Ho Chi Minh. They try lớn achieve sầu this thorough monthly workshops, meetups, and lectures. They offer tech as well as English speaking courses to their members. They host BBQ pool events, community lunches, team building activities, & so on.

They provide plenty of attractive sầu amenities. If you’re looking for comfort, you’ll find hammocks, beanbags, ergo chairs, and standing desks. If you’re more interested in equipment, there are projectors & printers, scanners, & photocopiers, as well as computers with dual or single monitors. There is a Skype room and a podcasting room. When you’re done with work, you can swyên ổn in the swimming pool, nap in the nap room, or play board games with other nomads.

xuất hiện hoursMonday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
PricePer dayVND 160,000
Per monthVND 2,200,000

Saigon Coworking


Source: Saigon coworking

Saigon coworking is a quiet and friendly place, located in Phu Nhuan. There are many restaurants, cafes, và other attractions in the area. This makes it extra appealing for those of us who don’t lượt thích having a sandwich for lunch và don’t mind going a bit out of our way to lớn get some good unique food.

They offer high-speed internet and air conditioning, as well as printing equipment, không lấy phí parking, and personal lockers. They also provide không tính phí drinking water, tea, và coffee.

Open hoursMonday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
PricePer monthVND 2,000,000

Toong 20 Minh Khai


Source: Toong

Not lớn be confused with the other Toong location in Ho Chi Minh thành phố, Toong’s location is trăng tròn Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai street. It is lượt thích a little oasis in a bustling city—calm, peaceful, and more akin to a resort than an actual coworking space. You’ll find a library và an art gallery on the premises, which makes Toong perfect for chilling after work or during the breaks.

They provide plenty of other little tidbits to lớn make your stay more pleasant and productive sầu. There are standing desks & beanbags, so you can be comfortable while you work. There are also printing equipment, microphones, & projectors. The speed of the mạng internet is excellent, and there is không tính tiền coffee as well!

mở cửa hoursMonday – Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm
PricePer dayVND 150,000
Per monthVND 1,900,000